By Thomas P.

In August 2016, Mercury racing presented the new Bravo I LT propeller. It is rather obvious that the Bravo I LT propeller came to fit in applications where the Bravo I FS is unable to perform effectively.

Bravo I LT

As we have seen in our relative articles, the Bravo I FS «doesn’t like» heavy loads, especially when we have a single outboard on our transom, where it presents high slip numbers due to its shorter cup and tube.

The Bravo I LT (long tube) is also a pro-finished propeller that is designed specifically for high horsepower, single-engine outboard powered boats and it can work great on heavy loads.

It is available in a diameter of 15.25 inches and in a pitch range of 20 to 27.5 inches, in one-half inch increments

The Bravo I LT propeller, compared to the Bravo I FS, is designed to:

  • improve time to plane
  • accelerate faster
  • create more lift, raising the entire boat out of the water
  • be able to carry heavy loads
  • provide better grip and boat handling, especially in rough water
  • allow us to further trim the engine out

The most important point in all mentioned above is that we can switch from a Bravo I FS to a Bravo I LT of the same pitch, maintaining the same rpm at WOT.

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